Year in the word

In 2021 we are inviting our church to journey together through the entire New Testament.  The F260 NT reading plan gives you 5 readings per week with each reading being only 1 chapter.  We will also have a weekly memory verse to help you further hide God's Word in your heart.

To get the plan, click the link below.

F260 New Testament Reading Plan

This plan is also available on the YouVersion Bible app which you can access HERE

Our Plan for 2021

Click on the picture to the left to watch Pastor Chris explain our church plan for our Year in the Word

getting the word in you

H.e.a.r.  journal

Our hope with our Year in the Word is not just that you would "check off" your daily reading, but that you would really engage the text so that the Word gets into you.  So, get a pen and a notebook and use the H.E.A.R. journal method developed by Replicate Ministries to help you get the most out of your daily reading. 


In a notebook you create a note, date it and put the passage you’re studying. After you’ve read the passage you then highlight a verse or two that stands out to you. Write down the verse reference and its associated text.


Next, you simply explain the text. To whom was this written? Why? How does this passage fit with what comes before and after it? What is the Holy Spirit communicating through this text? In essence, you are writing a short summary of what the text is about and what it means.


The third step in the journaling process is applying the text to your own life. What does the text mean today? What is God saying to you personally through this passage? How can you apply what you’ve read? Write out a couple sentences detailing what the Lord is speaking to you through the text.


Finally, the last step is responding to the text. This can either be a short prayer or an action that you can take that day after reading the text. Is there a command to follow in the text? How are you different because of what you’ve learned?

The beautiful thing about this journaling method is that it is short and only takes a few minutes, and it can be done every time you read or study a passage.