Preschool and children

Our mission is to equip the children at our church with a growing faith in Jesus Christ and a heart to share His love with others. By partnering with parents, we want to teach children about the life-changing love of Christ and how it applies to their lives right now—no matter how old they are! It's our hope that children will not only grasp the message of God's love for themselves, but understand how important it is to share that message with those around them as well.


Meet on the lower level of Kid's Town building.  We have an check-in system that prints out a tag for your child and gives the parent/guardian a corresponding security tag that is required for pick up.  Your preschooler will enjoy age-appropriate activities during both the morning worship time and small group time.

K-5th Grade

Children in K-3rd grade are invited to go to Kid's Worship at 9:50am.  Check In and Pick Up happens on the top floor of our Kid's Town building.  

Currently, children in 4th-5th grades worship with their parents at 9:50am and have their small group at 11:00am .  Check in/pick up is on the top floor or our Kid's Town building.